Race Timing

Make your event stand out with event timing.

SLING, portable timing system

Finally, race timing made fast, easy and free!  We will send you an industry leading, easy to use timing system enabling you to create the best experience for your participants.  The  SLING reader moves where you do to pick up tag reads. Sturdy case with comfortable strap lets you move about with ease.






  • Free for you and your participants!
  • Simple, fast event setup.  Any volunteer can time your event
  • Read distance of 20 feet.
  • Rechargeable batter life 7 hours.
  • 240 tag reads per second.
  • Ideal for triathlons and 5K races and with 1000 people or less.
  • Timing accuracy with controllable read range detects time on finish line.

Complete system ships with everything you need including SLING Reader, laptop with pre-loaded software, RFID bibs with electronic file. Easy to use with instructions included. Free online instructions.  Save hundreds of dollars on your next event.


The system comes with all you need, including a preloaded laptop computer. You will receive the unit the Wednesday before the race.  We recommend 40 minute of over the phone instruction 3 days prior to your event, with a 20 minute refresher day before the event.   Technical assistance is always available by phone before during and after your event.


The equipment is light and compact eliminating the need for mats, overhead structures, and heavy time detector control box.  The Sling weighs just 15 lbs and is easily transported


To have a successful race all you need to do is (1) turn on the SLING , (2) Know who you gave the bibs to, and (3) get a beep at the finish from each participant.   Administration of the timing software may be done before, during and after the race.   Download of race data from the SLING to the laptop may happen in logging mode with or without a live connection.

There are many features that protect your race including “non volatile” reader memory.  A generator is not required because the  SLING battery lasts 4 hours.


Contact us and a Korgeo team member will work with you to customize an order.

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